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Signature Hotels Along the Sojourn Path

Signature Hotels

What inspires you to travel?
More often than not, we hear hotels being close to the top of the list. No wonder why. There is definitely something magical about hotels that make your stay an experience in itself.  Our top guest favorite hotels are often described as such, with luxury accommodations that are designed for you to relax and unwind without a care in the world. These selection of hotels are almost a re-imagination of perfection: the attention to details, the passion in service, and the signature offerings make them one of the highlights of a spectacular getaway. Here is a small sample of some of the heritage properties we visit on our trips:


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Tour Leader Series: The Face of Passion and Love: Barb Lougee

Tour Leader Series

Sojourn bike tour guests tell us time and time again that our tour leaders are the best in the business. For those who have yet to travel with Sojourn, our bicycling vacations feature two world-class tour leaders who are truly jacks of all trades.  In addition to ensuring guest safety and enjoyment while on vacation, our tour leaders also make for exceptional travel companions. Needless to say, we take great pride in these ‘curators of fun’ who are not just employees, but rather, like our guests, they are family.

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Culinary Cultures and Heritage Hotels of Northern Arizona’s Prescott & Sedona

Culinary Cultures and Heritage Hotels of Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona’s Prescott and Sedona region is the epitome of Southwestern charm. The vibrant culture and cuisine of the region is the result of a melting pot of Native American, Mexican, and wild West influences, which are prevalent throughout both of the cities. Adventurers are quickly introduced to the diversity of the region on our Northern Arizona Biking and Hiking Tour, with the trip’s first lodgings being held at the quaint Hassayampa Inn.

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Sojourn Tales : Lowcountry’s Gullah Geechee Community

Islands of Lowcountry

Low Country Boil, a staple of Gullah Geechee culture.

Though most scholars are not in agreement as to the origins of Gullah/Geechee, it is more or less established that the Geechee and Gullah community traces its roots to West & Central Africa and originally worked on the plantations in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. They have since settled in Lowcountry, a 200-mile stretch of coastal South Carolina and Georgia. While Gullahs are more within South Carolina, Geechees are folks who chose coastal Georgia stretching into parts of Florida. Regardless of location, the community as a whole is more commonly referred to as Geechee.

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From the Desk of Bibi Mukherjee: When the Road Tips Up

From the Desk of Bibi Mukherjee: Just When the Road Tips Up

Ever since we met 27 years ago, Raja and I have adventured across the globe on many active vacations and cycling trips. It’s a delight to discover new destinations, engage with local cultures, taste exotic cuisines and explore sites we only could dream of visiting as children.

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