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Who travels on Sojourn vacations?

You’re likely to encounter couples, singles, or friends and family members traveling together. Our travelers generally range between the ages of 35 and 65 but share a collective spirit of adventure and friendly camaraderie. Over 70 percent of our travelers have traveled with us before or have been referred by a former Sojourn guest.

My companion is a stronger cyclist than I am – can we both enjoy the same trip?

Absolutely! This is a common situation, and our intermediate trips have been designed with daily ride options to suit varying interests and abilities. Our tour leaders will suggest a route to suit your preference, whether you want to take it easier or crank out the miles.

Do we have to stay together as a group while we’re biking?

Absolutely not! Unlike other companies, we encourage you to approach each day of your vacation at your own pace – after all, this is your vacation! Sojourn’s tour leaders provide support for all participants whether they are meandering gently along or challenging companions to a more difficult ride.

How large is the group?

Sojourn trips will never include more than 22 guests. With two tour leaders accompanying each trip, Sojourn guests enjoy one of the highest guide-to-guest ratios among bike tour companies. This means more personalized attention for you!

What if I’m traveling alone?

No worries! Traveling alone is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself on a Sojourn trip. You will find that your fellow travelers will embrace the group dynamic, though you’ll also have plenty of time to yourself whenever you’d like.

Can you find me a roommate?

If another solo traveler of the same gender also expresses interest in a room share, we can facilitate an introduction. After an agreeable arrangement between both solo travelers, Sojourn will room you together. Once both travelers complete the tour, your single supplement charge will be refunded.

Should I tip my tour leaders?

Your tour leaders work incredibly hard to ensure that your vacation is as carefree and enjoyable as you could possibly imagine. It is an industry-standard in bike touring, hiking, rafting, and other active travel industries to extend a gratuity to guides at the conclusion of a trip. Ultimately, awarding a gratuity is a personal decision. A recent survey of our frequent travelers shows that their guide gratuities range from 12-15% of the tour price split between two guides.

How will I get to the start of the trip?

Our trips all begin and end near a major or regional airport serviced by major carriers. Your travel consultant will be happy to share the various options for getting to the start of your tour. Following your reservation, you will be sent detailed information about traveling to and from your tour as well as a comprehensive overview of the trip you have chosen.

What kind of physical condition do I need to be in to enjoy my trip?

That depends on the trip rating and what kind of cycling you plan to do. Our easier trips are an excellent place to begin if you’re unsure of your ability or are an occasional biker. Our trip consultants will gladly help you select the appropriate trip for your ability and interest.

What happens with my luggage?

Your tours leaders will transport your luggage from inn to inn throughout the trip. They’ll ensure that your luggage is in your room when you arrive at your accommodations after your ride or other activity.

Do I need to bring my own bike?

The use of one of our state-of-the-art, professionally maintained bikes is included in your tour. 90% of our travelers take advantage of using a Sojourn bike on tour. However, if you prefer using your own bike, please go ahead and bring it. Tandem bikes are available for experienced tandem cyclists on certain trips (additional fee applies).

What about pedals?

Sojourn bikes are issued with flat pedals. If you ride with clip-less pedals (SPD or similar), we suggest that you remove your pedals from your bike and bring them with you. Your tour leaders will install your pedals on your bike for use during your bike trip.

How long has Sojourn been in business?

Sojourn was founded in 2004 by a collection of experienced travel business professionals and is currently owned by Raja & Bibi Mukherjee, a couple with a deep passion for biking and travel. We look forward to riding with you sometime soon!