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Open Positions

Sojourn is an award-winning luxury active vacation company with a mission focused on people, passion, and places.

We are currently looking to hire for the following positions:

Tour Management Specialist

This is a part-time (3 days a week) position with an option to go full-time based out of our offices in Shelburne, VT, and is not remote.

He/She will be responsible for handling specific tour-related logistics and supporting operations.

Primary Responsibilities

o      Management of all logistics of specific assigned tours

o      Pre-tour guest communication

o      Follow-ups with non-inn vendors

o      Managing and coordinating tour leaders’ logistics

o      Maintaining and managing tour inventory including but not limited to jerseys, backpacks, and picnic kits.

o      Develop intimate knowledge of assigned tours via research and/or FAM (familiarization) trips


o     Extensive industry benefits

o     Bachelor’s Degree

o     Proficient in MS Word and Excel

o     Unfailing attention to detail, highly organized and efficient, systems-oriented

o      Effective written and oral communications skills

o     Strong Team player with high collaborative skills

Job Type:

o     Part-time (3 days a week) at Shelburne, VT location

Apply by sending us the following:

o     A resume and introductory cover letter

o     A self-assessment of why you are interested and why you would be a great fit for Sojourn

Send your application to jobs@gosojourn.com.

No phone calls, please.

Tour Leaders

As a Sojourn tour leader, you and your co-leader will spend the tour engaging our guests and ensuring their safety and enjoyment. You will rise early each morning to attend to behind-the-scenes details and preparation and end each day late in the evening. You will need to be a jack of all trades (see below) and will serve as the face of the company while in the field. While the job is extremely fun for the right individual, it requires long hours on the job that are not always in the saddle of your bike. For the right person, the job might just be the best one you will ever have.

Do you have what it takes? Here’s the shortlist of critical attributes we’re looking for:


o    Are a competent road cyclist who can ride comfortably at 15-18 mph for 2-3 hours at a time

o    Have basic bike mechanical abilities like changing a tire and adjusting brakes and derailleurs

o    Have a current motor vehicle operator’s license in violation-free standing and are able to pass a DOT physical

o    Are fit enough to repeatedly carry 30-50 lb luggage, often up flights of stairs

o    Enjoy interacting with people and possess exceptional customer service skills

o    Have outstanding communication skills and are comfortable addressing a group

o    Are energetic and function well without much downtime

o    Have an inherent curiosity with interest in history, geology, and/or the natural world

o    Have an excellent sense of direction and map-reading skills

o    Are a foodie, wine, or beer aficionado, and can put on a really good spread for 20 people

Wage & Benefits:

o    Per tour wage

o    Extensive industry benefits

Apply by sending us the following:

o    A resume and introductory cover letter

o    A self-assessment of why you are interested and why you would be a great fit for Sojourn

Send your application to jobs@gosojourn.com.

No phone calls, please.