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Group Travel for International Cycling Trips

Exclusive Offer for International Group Travel

The best folks to motivate you as your travel companions are your friends and family; an ideal way to explore the world to the most exotic locales and still feel at home. We thought we’ll help you create these memories of a lifetime with people who matter the most. Enjoy the precious company and let us take care of some of your expenses and your planning. Here’s an introductory International Group Travel Offer to get you started with trips in Vietnam & Cambodia, Portugal, France, and Spain. Gather your friends and family and travel far in a true Sojourn style!


  • Bring 7 Friends/Family Members + You, Our 8th Guest: Get 50% Off Your Trip + RECEIVE $450 CASH.


  • Bring 14 Friends/Family Members + You, Our 15th Guest: You Travel FREE + RECEIVE $1000 CASH.


  • Bring 15 Friends/Family Members + You, Our 16th Guest: Trip is Private for Your Group + You Travel FREE + RECEIVE $1000 CASH.


  • This offer is valid for our international trips only and excludes all US & Canada destinations. For regular Group offer, please visit our Group Travel page.
  • Group discounts may not be combined with other offers. (Early booking, first time or past traveler discounts)
  • Group discounts cannot be combined with any referral cash or credit.
  • All Group travel will need to be on one of our published dates, otherwise it will need to be a private trip.
  • You will receive your check in the mail approximately two weeks before you depart.
  • Group members can make their individual reservation and reference the Group leader.

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This was my fourth tour with Sojourn... I have come to expect the very best and Sojourn never disappoints!

Jeff Gair - Sojourn Guest