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California’s Sonoma Wine Country and Coast: Hidden Highlights

There is so much to love about northern California, from its bountiful vineyards, rich history, and Pacific coast, to the towering redwoods. This region is truly remarkable with something for everyone, from long rides through the endless scenery of the coast and forests, to enjoying some of the world’s finest wines at lush vineyards.

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Insider Exclusive on California Wine Country Bike Tours

Cyclists are drawn to the Wine Country of northern California for its beautiful scenery, premiere accommodations and cuisine, and cycling friendly climate. Touring the region on the seat of a bicycle is quite simply the best way to fully appreciate the diverse landscapes and sensory pleasures that abound here. Sweeping rows of hillside vineyards, cathedral-like groves of giant redwood trees, and the magnificently wild Pacific Coast are reason enough to visit this captivating region but there’s more to discover than meets the eye. Gain an insider perspective into a respected wine family during a Sojourn California Wine Country Bike Tour.

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California Bike Tour Reflections

"I've done this tour and this picture brings back an amazing memory.

You're riding in the sun for a good while, it's hot but not intolerable or even particularly demanding. Then you cross the boundary into the forest and everything changes in a heartbeat.

Immediately you're surrounded by these huge, ancient, noble living things whose canopy protects, cools and renews you. Everything looks, smells and feels completely different even though you only moved a hundred feet on the map."
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California Bike Tours: Pairing Beauty and Taste

Our bike tours through the California Wine Country get rave reviews. Between the majestic redwoods and the glorious ocean views along Bodega Bay, this tour earns its accolades with beauty and taste.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On this Wine Country bike tour, you’ll have the opportunity to behold the great beauty of the region at your own pace be it leisurely or vigorous. The gorgeous natural beauty of California is apparent in every mile.

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Bike Tours Boost Libido

There is no doubt that bike tours make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts. They’re much better for your figure than a box of chocolates; they’re more nourishing than a candlelit dinner; and memories from them last far longer than a dozen long-stem roses. Bike tours are good for your heart and soul. And the titillating truth this Valentine’s Day is:  bike tours are good for your libido, too!

The direct correlation between regular physical exercise and increased potency is undisputed by medical science and happy lovers alike.  Livestrong.com sites several university studies on libido and exercise. A study done at the University of Texas shows that women who had finished 20 minutes of cardio exercise were more readily aroused than women who had not exercised. Another study at the University of California showed that men who exercised for one hour at least three times per week had sex more often, performed better sexually and were happier with their sex lives than they were before they began exercising.

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