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California’s Sonoma Wine Country and Coast: Hidden Highlights

There is so much to love about northern California, from its bountiful vineyards, rich history, and Pacific coast, to the towering redwoods. This region is truly remarkable with something for everyone, from long rides through the endless scenery of the coast and forests, to enjoying some of the world’s finest wines at lush vineyards.

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My First Sojourn, An Insider Experience

A sojourn is a “temporary stay" or "a period of time spent in a place as a traveler or guest,” according to Webster’s dictionary. As Guest Service Specialist at Sojourn, and a lover of travel and adventure myself, I’ve found myself thinking about the profound poetic implications of how our name, Sojourn, could be interpreted...
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Foodie’s Delight on a Sojourn Bike Tour on Martha’s Vineyard

Travel by bicycle with Sojourn on a bicycle tour of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts, and indulge in the finest culinary experience in the Islands. Featured last month in bon appétit, the Beach Plum Restaurant has quickly become a Sojourn guest favorite.  

Tucked away in a quiet corner on Martha’s Vineyard Island and surrounded by farmland, the restaurant is one of the best kept secrets for upscale farm to table dining in Massachusetts. Featuring fresh products from the sea, neighboring farms, and nearby specialty producers, Chef Chris Fischer, a 12th generation islander, has quietly transported the country chic Beach Plum Restaurant into the finest foodie destination on the Island.

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Clipless Pedals: More Fun for Your Bicycling Vacations

Cyclists are split into two categories when it comes to pedals – those who go clipless and those who don’t. Riding with clipless pedals is a fantastic way to increase the enjoyment of your bicycling vacation. If you ride with clipless pedals you’re already sold on the concept. If you have yet to convert from flat pedals or toe cages to clipless, a whole new level of enjoyment awaits! Clipless is a bit of a misnomer referring to the migration away from old style toe clips (also known as toe straps or cages).

I recently converted an acquaintance who fearfully vowed never to ride with clipless pedals. Following her first clipless test ride she kept exclaiming “I can’t believe I didn’t switch years ago!” Her profile? A 58 year old casual hybrid bike rider who now and again will hop on a road bike (hybrid bikes have upright handlebars and wider tires that road bikes).

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Why Sojourn Bicycle Tours Chose Aluminum Over Carbon

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We’re often asked what kind of bike Sojourn provide for use during our bicycle tours.  On occasion, someone will go a bit farther and ask why we use aluminum frame bikes with carbon forks rather than full carbon bikes. The answer for us is because aluminum, in our opinion, offers the best combination of peace of mind and performance.

Our aluminum frame bikes are lighter in weight than most carbon frame bikes and the carbon fork on our bikes dampens the transmission of bumps in the road. Carbon forks are constructed to be extremely durable and often weigh as much as an entire carbon frame. And, while there are some wonderful carbon frames on the market, we aren’t convinced that they are the right choice for a widely used fleet bike.  It can be difficult to detect damage to a carbon frame and a damaged frame is unsafe to ride.  When a aluminum frame is damaged, it is easily detected. We feel very comfortable handing our aluminum frame bikes to our guests because we know they are safe to ride.

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