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There are so many reasons to love traveling in the fall. The crisp air of autumn offers a welcome respite from the summer heat, the colors of foliage emerge in their full brilliance, and oftentimes destinations are less crowded after the summertime rush of vacationers have headed home. Experience the best of fall and ride past the vibrant oranges, bright yellows, and deep reds of autumn and sample hot cider in Vermont, kayak in Sedona and Savannah, savor delicious wines in Niagara and Sonoma, discover the southern hospitality of Mississippi’s Natchez Trace, admire the gorgeous blue hues of Lake Annecy in France, and soak up the sun at coastal beaches in Basque Country or Cape Cod on our fall bicycle tours. These tours feature some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and the varying climate options offer the best of sunshine and cool fall air.

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