Northern Arizona’s Prescott and Sedona region is the epitome of Southwestern charm. The vibrant culture and cuisine of the region is the result of a melting pot of Native American, Mexican, and wild West influences, which are prevalent throughout both of the cities. Adventurers are quickly introduced to the diversity of the region on our Northern Arizona Biking and Hiking Tour, with the trip’s first lodgings being held at the quaint Hassayampa Inn.

Main lobby at the Hassayampa Inn, Prescott, AZ.

The hotel exudes quintessential southwestern charm, featuring vintage dial phones, beautiful murals, and historic Victorian architecture both inside and out. The Native American influence here is strong, with the hotel being named after the Apache phrase for “the rivers that loses itself,” a nod to the original inhabitants of the area.  Prescott is known for being a haunted city, and the Hassayampa Inn is no exception. While most of Prescott’s ghost tales originate from the countless deaths at the appropriately named Skull Valley (which we travel to), the Hassayampa Inn has its own resident ghost, named Faith Essay Around the corner from the Hassayampa Inn lies Prescott’s (in)famous Whiskey Row. This antiquated street takes you back to the Wild West, with many saloons where you can embrace your inner cowboy. The stay in Prescott is sure to be a wild ride, but you must pack up your steed and ride on to Sedona.

Infinity Pool at Amara Resort & Spa, Sedona, AZ

Sedona can be considered as the pinnacle of Southwestern culture, and the Kimpton Amara Resort makes it easy to understand why. Located in the heart of uptown Sedona, the hotel’s aesthetic is a modern interpretation of the city’s Native American heritage, with ornate handcrafted baskets adorning the walls and carefully curated interior colors that are reminiscent of desert-flowers.

SaltRock Southwest Kitchen, The Amara's In-House Restaurant

The Amara’s in-house restaurant, SaltRock Southwest Kitchen, is true to its name, with a wonderful selection of regionally inspired dishes. Its interior is inspired by the natural look of the local Red Rocks, setting the mood for an authentic Southwestern dinner. Try the Carnitas Tacos with pineapple-habanero salsa and cotija or the Southwest shrimp, served with lemon grits and a poblano-tomatillo sauce, for a true taste of the region’s cuisine.  Head Chef Robert Hoffman designs dishes that cater to the active lifestyle of Sedona, incorporating unexpected flavors into healthy dishes to give your body what it needs after a long day of hiking and riding, making the SaltRock a perfect dinner choice for your trip.

Signature Margaritas at SaltRock

The SaltRock also features an agave-based cocktail bar, specializing in craft margaritas, a direct homage to Sedona’s Mexican influences. SaltRock is not the only stop for drinks, however, as we also travel to the Javelina Leap Vineyard. Javelina Leap Vineyard is archetypically Wild West, featuring a saloon-style tasting room where you can enjoy drinks served upon tables supported by antique bourbon barrels. The only thing convincing you that you haven’t traveled back in time are the labels on their exquisite wines, such as their acclaimed 2014 Merlot.

Our Northern Arizona Biking and Hiking Tour is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Prescott and Sedona’s Southwestern culture and cuisine, and we hope you get a chance to experience this unforgettable trip for yourself in 2018 May or October. We can’t wait to see you there!