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Ride With Raja

Ride with the Sojourn President on these Select Dates & Trips

Ride with RajaJoin Sojourn’s president, Raja Mukherjee, on a special “Ride with Raja” to any of these 3 selected trips: California’s Sonoma Coast & Wineries on June 10, Arizona’s Sedona and Prescott’s inaugural trip on May 13th, and Savannah, GA to Charleston, SC on May 20th.

Each of these will be customized with multiple add-ons not part of the regular trip including wine pairings, special destination stops, signature lunches and private receptions.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to travel with our guests, share a real Sojourn experience first-hand, offer a peek into behind the scene activities during tour design as well as gain insights into the operations. I have chosen three of our wonderful trips on which to join the guests, two of which I handcrafted myself. To my mind, nothing could be more idyllic than getting out with our guests on a Sojourn tour to bike, hike, kayak, share a meal with my signature recipes and drink some of the wines I  handpicked.” – Raja Mukherjee.

Savannah, GA to Charleston, SC

Bike | Walk | Kayak
Per Person
Call for Details
7 Days / 6 Nights

Last year sometime in late summer I decided to visit this region that had been on Sojourn’s radar for many years now. The new Savanah, GA to Charleston, SC trip was rolled out in Fall. I intend on taking you through a few exclusive experiences: A ghost walk through the city of Savannah, GA where ghost viewing will be optional but a few of the engaging hidden gems of the city gets revealed, a horse-drawn carriage ride in Charleston, a ride to the historic Bonaventure Cemetery, and pour Sojourn Wine at the Gullah Geechee private dinner.

  • A Ghost Walk through Savannah
  • Ride to Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride
  • Sojourn Wine Pouring at the Gullah-Geechee Dinner

Arizona’s Prescott & Sedona

Bike | Hike | Kayak
Per Person
Call for Details
6 Days / 5 Nights

Allow me to bask in the glory of handcrafting my first Sojourn Trip! Join me as we kick off our second tour in Arizona. I look forward to cycling the Skull Valley Loop in Prescott, Kayaking the Verde River, Hiking Sedona’s Red Rock State Park, exploring the Tuzigoot National Monument but most importantly sharing my recipes over a picnic lunch and pouring Sojourn wine at a private cocktail reception.

  • Raja’s Signature Picnic Lunch
  • Explore Tuzigoot National Monument
  • Private Reception with Sojourn Wine

California's Sonoma Coast & Wineries

Bike | Hike | Kayak
Per Person
Call for Details
6 Days / 5 Nights

This gorgeous destination and the great Sonoma and Napa community is back in business after ravaging fires swept through the region last fall. In support of a region that has been a signature Sojourn destination for a decade now, I wanted to invite you to come travel with me to showcase the best this trip has to offer. Here are some of the additional highlights of this special trip:

  • Guided Estuary Wildlife Kayak Tour
  • Visit Fort Ross, a National Historic Landmark
  • Sojourn Wine Pouring