Despite what you might have seen on newscasts, the entire State of Vermont was not devastated by Hurricane Irene.  Although our bicycle tour routes were not impacted by the damage from the storm, those joining us on trips this fall will be able to view damage caused by a small stream that became a raging torrent and tore through the main road in Brandon.  The road has been repaired and re-paved however huge sections of pavement and boulders tossed by the floodwaters are still visible from the road.  Our fall bicycle tours will be certain to witness the finest display of fall foliage colors in recent memory. With all of the rain in Vermont last spring, and the recent addition of moisture brought by Hurricane Irene, the colors are really popping.  Temps are dipping low in the evening and daytime sunshine enough to warm you while you ride. We have a few spaces still remaining on our Vermont bike tours this fall and we’ll make a donation of $100/person to support flood victims for each reservation. Join us soon for a fabulous bicycling vacation in beautiful Vermont this fall!

The quiet roads of Vermont are perfect for bike tours.