A bike tour could be the answer to your holiday gift-giving conundrums. There is no better way to celebrate special occasions or strengthen relationships than sharing the excitement of new travel experiences.

The gift of a bicycling vacation says:

“Let’s have an adventure together.”  

“I want to spend time with you.”

“Let’s exercise and have fun together.”

“I’m giving us a special vacation this year.”


The gift of vibrant health is a beautiful notion and something we all want for ourselves and our loved ones.  Yet, the gift of health can be tricky to give.  A piece of exercise equipment might convey that “you need to get in shape.”  A health club membership can do the same in addition to creating a sense of obligation.

The gift of a bike tour is a different matter altogether.  It’s a gift filled with excitement, happiness, and health – not to mention great food, great fun, and great memories that will last a lifetime!

If you live in the northeast, a trip to a sunny destination  might be called for.  Take a Texas Hill Country bike tour in April or tour the California Wine Country & Coast in May…or an Arizona Sonoran Desert bicycle tour in February (how about on Valentine’s Day?).

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure for just you and your family, consider a custom bike tour.  All of Sojourn’s bike tours and active vacations are available as private trips and customized group tours.

Hanukkah starts in 13 days; Christmas is in 17 days. Whether you’re stuffing yourself with seasonal treats or sneaking a kiss under the mistletoe, it’s time to get rolling with your holiday gift giving.