You might imagine that you’d have to limit your memento purchases on a bicycling vacation, but what vacation is complete without souvenirs?

Sojourn’s Arizona bike tours wind through some amazing wilderness areas like the Saguaro National Park and Sabino Canyon, where bicyclists adhere to the Leave No Trace practice of “Take only photographs, leave only footprints” ( in the case of these bike tours, that would be tire tracks), but these trips also enjoy a visit to Tubac.

Collect too many souvenirs on the bike tour?

Tubac is home to Arizona’s historic artist colony; you’ll want to bring something home with you. And, the Sojourn support van and trailer can carry just about anything you mind find along the way during your trip.

The site of the first permanent Spanish colonial settlement in Arizona, Tubac was established as a fort in 1752. Today working artists’ studios surround the premises. What was home to a Spanish military garrison in the 18th century is now home to “significant Western and Southwestern art” (according to the Tubac Center for the Arts).

In Tubac, you’ll find: pottery, fine art, jewelry, mesquite furniture, Native American art, antique and traditional quilts, sculpture, photography, blown glass, watercolors, fiber arts, Zapotec rugs, and custom leather. The nationally known artists and craftsmen of Tubac and Santa Cruz Valley bring together a sense of history and place in their work. You won’t be able to resist.

There's plenty of room for all of those must-have tour "finds."

Right about now you may be wondering how you can bring the best of Arizona art home with you. Sojourn’s tour bikes are fitted with rear racks and removable rear rack packs with shoulder straps — but this is not enough room for that new mesquite wood table or ceremonial Zapotec rug.

This is where Sojourn’s great support van drives in over the ridge top to the rescue. While you probably won’t be able to bring home that Southwestern living room suite you’ve been dreaming of (a bike tour isn’t necessarily the place for really big furniture) you will have room to bring home some outstanding authentic local artwork and exceptional souvenirs.