Sojourn will donate 20% of profits from all Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket bike tours during 2013. Both of these trips use Boston as a hub city. The senseless and heinous act of violence committed at the Boston Marathon has rallied support from a variety of organizations and individuals for those injured and their families.

Sojourn will donate proceeds from these trips to The One Fund for Boston. In the initial 24 hours following the establishment of the Fund, more than $7 million was raised however, given the severity of many of the injuries suffered, this barely touches the surfaces of what will be needed to assist these innocent victims.

 You can help by making  a direct donation to The One Fund for Boston or by joining one of Sojourn’s Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket bike tours.

As fate would have it, my husband and I skipped our annual Patriot’s Day trip to the Red Sox game and marathon this year. Having spent my formative years in nearby Lexington, the celebration of Patriot’s Day festivities has been a long-standing tradition. In a show of unity and defiance, I may now have to get off my bike and start training to try to qualify for Boston next spring.

Susan Rand, founder and president of Sojourn