The first trips of the year are our Arizona bicycle tours. Our leaders love these trips and vie to guide them – guests love them, too for escaping the cold and more. A look at the all-time top New Year’s resolutions will give you even more reasons why an Arizona bike tour should be on your resolution list!

As it turns out many of us share the same handful of New Year’s resolutions every year. We make and break these resolutions over and over again.

Experts will tell you that successful resolve begins with a plan. You can and will achieve more in the coming year with a disciplined plan of action. But a plan without any fun in it is destined to fail. Imagine riding your bike on a trainer in your basement or a eating a piece of dry, multi-grain toast for breakfast and you’ll get the picture.

Add a little excitement, some travel, and a whole bunch of fun, and your resolution will stand a much better chance for success. This is why a bike tour is such a great option. Bike tours can make it easier and whole lot more fun to keep your resolve!

Let’s look at the top 10 commonly broken New Year’s resolutions and learn how a Sojourn bike tour can help you break the pattern this year:

  1. Lose Weight and Get Fit: It is no secret that exercising with friends yields greater benefits than exercising solo – exercising by bicycle with friends in a beautiful place toward a spectacular destination increases those results immeasurably. A 160-lb. person biking at a leisurely pace of 10 mph or less can burn 292 calories per hour and gain a lifetime of beautiful memories.
  2. February 2011 in Arizona

    Quit Smoking: It’s rather difficult to smoke and pedal at the same time – especially up hill. On a bike tour in the Sonoran Desert, you’ll want to save your oxygen for making echoes in the canyons, laughing with friends, and sighing at the beauty of the landscape.

  3. Get into the Habit of Being Fit: Get up, eat breakfast, ride. We ride each day. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Sojourn’s Arizona bike tours are an excellent way to start the biking habit.
  4. Learn Something New: “It’s just like riding a bicycle.” Most of us have known how to do it since we were little kids. Sojourn tour guides can give you some tips on more efficient shifting and pedaling  that will make your cycling more enjoyable. They also know a thing or two about the region and its history.
  5. Enjoy more quality time with friends and family: Sojourn can create a custom bike tour for you and your family. Or if you need a little breather from your family, try a self-guided tour.
  6. Travel to New Places: Even if you have been to Arizona and the Sonoran Desert before, from the seat of a bicycle, you will see this part of the world with a whole new appreciation. Traveling by bike exposes you to experiences you might miss by car.
  7. Fall in Love: A recent guest blogged about how she fell in love with cycling on the California Bike Tour. It has been known to happen in Arizona, too.
  8. Be Less Stressed: Everyone from the Mayo Clinic to the Examiner agrees that bicycling reduces stress (the Examiner even suggests that it builds relationships). A great side benefit of bicycling is that it doesn’t stress your joints while you de-stress your life.
  9. Enjoy Life to the Fullest: You’ll have to sign up for one of Sojourn’s Arizona bike tours to fully appreciate this one.
  10. Stop Procrastinating: Time to sign up for a bike tour that can make your year.

This video poem from People for Bikes, a national organization dedicated to bicycling, might inspire you to make 2012 your best year yet: