You’ve checked your calendar, you’ve seen some of Sojourn’s incredible bike tour locations, met some of our tour guides, learned how a bike tour can boost your health and even your love life, but something is missing: The unsung hero of Sojourn Bike Tours is your constant companion, the bike!

It’s high time to meet the fleet. Sojourn uses two great bikes on its tours: the Cannondale Synapse Road Bike and the Fuji Absolute Hybrid. Both bikes are well-loved, light weight, high quality, comfortable and responsive. Both feature lightweight aluminum frames with carbon forks (the fork holds the front wheel and allows the rider to steer and balance the bicycle). The aluminum frame gives the bike some stiffness, and thus greater energy efficiency (more of your effort is translated into forward momentum). The carbon forks permit a little bit of shock absorbency. Let’s take a closer look:

 Cannondale Synapse

  • Drop handlebars allow for three different hand positions.
  • Body position can vary depending on where you place your hands on the handlebars.
  • 700-23 tires provide maximum comfort, performance, and handling.

According to, “Cannondale bikes are excellent quality and have won cycling awards and races in just about every category. The Synapse is a comfortable and responsive performance road bike that is good for commuting, long distance rides, training and can even handle competitive rides and racing.”

 Fuji Absolute

  • Flat handlebars allow the rider to travel in a more upright position.
  • Body position provides greater visibility and more comfortable breathing.
  • Riders with back or neck problems are usually more comfortable on this bike.
  • 700-25 tires are slightly wider to provide greater traction on a wider variety of surfaces.

“This is one of the best hybrids available within its price range…this bike can handle touring and long distance rides, comfortably but with much less effort than a heavier comfort bike, and can handle paved, crushed stone, grass, or fairly rugged dirt bike trails.” (

When you book your tour with Sojourn, you’ll be asked about your height and bike preference. You can choose a bike type or the Sojourn staff will recommend a bike style that provides the greatest comfort, stability, and performance for your body type. You’ll also have a pedal choice: plain or toe cages. For a more personalized fit, bring your own clipless pedals, Sojourn’s guides will install them on one of these bikes. You’ll also be given a choice of Giro or Bell helmets to ensure the perfect fit for your head.