I’ve done this tour and this picture brings back an amazing memory.

You’re riding in the sun for a good while, it’s hot but not intolerable or even particularly demanding. Then you cross the boundary into the forest and everything changes in a heartbeat.

 Immediately you’re surrounded by these huge, ancient, noble living things whose canopy protects, cools and renews you. Everything looks, smells and feels completely different even though you only moved a hundred feet on the map.

If you drove the exact same route in a car, you couldn’t capture a fraction of the experience. You have to do it on a bike to understand and fully appreciate.

If you have the opportunity to do this, it’s something you won’t ever forget.

Sojourn traveler Craig Cigas recently shared the above reflections with readers on Sojourn’s Facebook page.

In addition to cycling through the Russian River Valley and into the Redwoods, the bicycle tour includes more of California’s Wine Country as well as the Pacific coast.  The warm Dry Creek Valley and neighboring Alexander Valley are in lush contrast to the remote hillside farmland of one of California’s newest appellations, the Sonoma Coast.  From Cabernet and Zinfandel to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, sample the best of California’s wines.

The scenery is as diverse as the wines and each accommodation fits perfectly in its surroundings.  From a lovely wine country estate perched overlooking the confluence of the Russian River and Dry Creek appellations, to the stunning setting of an upscale coastal lodge, and a charming inn nestled in the Redwoods, each imbues the natural beauty around it.

Create your own unforgettable memories on Sojourn’s California Bike Tour!