As we descended upon the breakfast place next door this morning – great spot called the Gathering Grounds – everyone was excited for another sunny day. A burrito loaded with poblanos, spinach, avocado, green chilies and black beans seemed to be calling my name but a mouthwatering display of pastries was awfully tempting. Thankfully, our leaders had enough insight to pick up some of the “sweet stuff” to add to our lunch! 

 Today’s ride led us over a beautiful route where the only vehicle was saw was the Sojourn van. In addition to far-reaching views, we rode through unusual rock formations as we climbed to a picturesque lake, certainly a rare desert oasis.  Half the group chose to shuttle ahead to walk the trails around the lake while the rest of us tackled the climb. As we all re-grouped for picnic overlooking the lake, I marveled at how our leaders, so supportive during our rides, found time to prepare delicious Southwestern spread for lunch.

After lunch we enjoyed a little siesta in this unique oasis before continuing on to Tubac. As we rolled into town, I was struck by the contrast between the western frontier feel of Patagonia and the unmistakably Spanish influence that permeates Tubac and the surrounding small towns. Colorful Southwestern architecture is mixed with historic Spanish Colonial style structures including the remains of the Tumacacori Mission and a Mission-style chapel on the grounds of the Tubac Resort where we’re staying. I look forward to exploring the shops and galleries in town tomorrow. 

Stay tuned for more from the Southwest!