There is no doubt that bike tours make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts. They’re much better for your figure than a box of chocolates; they’re more nourishing than a candlelit dinner; and memories from them last far longer than a dozen long-stem roses. Bike tours are good for your heart and soul. And the titillating truth this Valentine’s Day is:  bike tours are good for your libido, too!

The direct correlation between regular physical exercise and increased potency is undisputed by medical science and happy lovers alike. sites several university studies on libido and exercise. A study done at the University of Texas shows that women who had finished 20 minutes of cardio exercise were more readily aroused than women who had not exercised. Another study at the University of California showed that men who exercised for one hour at least three times per week had sex more often, performed better sexually and were happier with their sex lives than they were before they began exercising.

The reasons for the excitement are fundamental. Aerobic exercise is good for you. The endurance you’ll develop during a bike tour can boost your stamina. Sustained exercise, like you might experience on a bike tour, releases endorphins. These hormones secreted within the nervous system are natural pain inhibitors that create a feeling of elation. Elated people are happier between the sheets.

The biggest reason a bike tour is good for your libido: it reduces stress, the greatest suppressor to a healthy sex drive. And like endorphins, a bike tour will leave you feeling blissful.

Perhaps it’s time to conduct your own study? A bicycle tour in the Wine Country of California is about as romantic a backdrop as anywhere in the world with world-class inns, intimate dining, and seductive wines. For a delightfully easy-going trip, visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This vacation features sand dunes, beaches and a sail where you can snuggle up on a big hammock above the water.  Dine on fresh, local seafood, a known aphrodisiac, and the salt air can make you feel sexy, too.