Welcome to sweat-free bike touring. Sojourn is pleased to announce the introduction of electric bikes to its bike tour fleet! Starting April 1, you’ll be able to select the electric bike option on a limited number of Sojourn Bike Tours in the US.  You’ll save your breath, your legs and your outfit as you glide along in comfort and style. You may not even need to bother to freshen-up before dinner because you likely won’t have exerted yourself much.

Choose from the fabulous retro-look Izipit  (right) or the futuristic Optibitbike (below) on any of the following trips:

The Izipit bike has a powerful and very heavy nickel metal hydrate battery that can propel even the non-cyclist up a steep incline. The 1950’s styling begs for matching accessories. A limited number will be available with straw baskets – just perfect for that wedge of cheese, hunk of salami, and loaf of bread.

The OptibitBike is the Ferrari of the electric bike world and is equally adept on the road or off. With futuristic styling and a top speed of 20 mph, you’ll feel like vintage Lance  – charging up some epic mountain stage during a Tour de France.

Both bikes give you extra torque to help you when you need it most. You will still have to pedal a wee bit and will need to stop every ten miles to charge the battery but you won’t have to break a sweat.  The Sojourn van will be following close behind and towing a charging station to take care of all of your electrical needs so you’ll have time for plenty of snacking while waiting for your bike to charge.

 You’ll climb hills like a champion – without any of the annoying sweat, exertion, or over-sold health benefits. Just flip the switch and you’ll pass your fellow tour guests with ease. The best part is, you’ll still have that healthy wind-in-your-face glow at the end of the day.

Choose an electric bike for your tour and we’ll throw in a yellow jersey – because you’ll feel like a winner!  Sign up early  – yellow jerseys and electric bikes are in limited supply.

 April Fools!  There are no electric bikes available on Sojourn bike tours.

We believe in the beauty of earning those downhills – and that refreshing cold beer at the end of your ride!


Image credits: pcmag.com, electricbike.com, rynoventoux.blogspot.com