There are many great reasons to take a bike tour: it’s good for the body, good for the soul, and good for the environment. A recent post about Sojourn’s Arizona bike tours delves into a few good biking motivations. lists the 11 reasons why you’ll love bike tours. Let’s look at how each pertains to Sojourn:

  1. Catching the sunrise – The sunrise will happen each morning of your bike tour. Catching it is up to you, though you wont want to miss sunrise on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, or the Outer Banks.
  2. The satisfaction of sleep – Good exercise produces good sleep. With the satisfaction of your daily accomplishments and terrific accommodations, you’ll probably even have sweet dreams.
  3. Fresh Faces – Guides, hosts, locals and fellow travelers will be fresh faces. After a few miles, your own face will feel fresh, too.
  4. Fresh Air – You will take in fresh air in beautiful locations and can even increase your cardiovascular fitness by as much as 3-7%.
  5. Trials and Tough times – There are hills, but what goes up, usually does come back down.
  6.  Unpredictability – There is always something new to experience.
  7. Pushing yourself – It feels good to push yourself and stretch your limits.
  8. Inner discovery – Thoreau encourages us to “meet” our lives and live fully. A bike tour issues the same invitation.
  9. Being real 100% of the time – Any worthwhile endeavor that stretches your limits is bound to have this effect.
  10. Guilt-free gorging – Sojourn’s tour leaders are foodies. Our tour locations are in some of the greatest foodie destinations in North America: California, Vermont, Texas.
  11. Magical Moments – Hmm. Magic is different for each of us.

This is a wonderful list, but it doesn’t quite describe the the euphoric feelings that pedaling a bike infuses, especially in beautiful natural places. Science tells us that exercise boosts endorphins and makes us feel blissful. Our hearts tell us that exercising in nature – Sojourn chooses beautiful natural locations for its bike tours – magnifies the effect. Even MSNBC reports that “Looking at nature makes you nicer.” Imagine the combined effect.

Biking and bike tours bring you back to the simple pleasures of life. They make you feel like a kid again. Really. Just give it a try – dust off your bike and ride it around the block, you’ll see. Let the following poem “If I ride” inspire you to bliss.

Why do you love bike touring? We invite you to respond with your own poems and top ten (or eleven) lists.

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