The final day of our bike tour in Arizona found us wandering through shops in Tubac and enjoying various massage options at the resort.  Nearly everyone opted to skip today’s final ride given that many of us maxed ourselves out on yesterday’s extended mileage options.

 There are some true artisans in town and the array of shops offer something for everyone. Our tour leaders steered me toward Solo for a look at a selection of used cowboy boots while the extensive collection of one of a kind pieces of silver and turquoise jewelry at Old Presidio Traders drew many of my tour mates.

The depths of our collective camaraderie and collegial companionship was evident as we made our way back to to the airport in Tucson this afternoon. There was much reminiscing about great rides, good food, and the many laughs that we shared over the course of the last week. Photos will remind us of our accomplishments and the beautifully diverse scenery but the laughter will echo in our memories.  It’s amazing how close the entire group became in less than a week’s time.  As I journey back home, the experience and the people with whom I shared it remain vividly alive.

Thanks for joining us on tour this week in Arizona – now it’s back to the office in cold Vermont for me!