Tandems are the bicycle of choice for sweethearts – what could be more romantic? “I’m half crazy all for the love of you…on a bicycle built for two.”  And, a bike tour is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart.  Sojourn will begin offering tandems on select vacations this season.

Which bike tour getaway should you choose for your beloved?  The Sojourn Sonoma Wine Coast bike tours are incredibly romantic: wine tastings, gourmet food, exquisite lodgings.

Their Vermont bike tours are also particularly sweet: romantic country roads, picture-book landscapes, covered bridges, local chocolates, and of course “Moonlight in Vermont.”

There is little doubt that tandems are for lovers. They make it possible for cyclists of different abilities to enjoy a shared activity together. Tandem bikes are the answer for sweethearts who don’t get to spend enough leisure time together.

By design, tandem bikes are super efficient, especially on flat roads and downhills. They are lighter than the total combined weight of two single bikes – so each rider pedals less weight and can cruise at greater speeds with less effort.  Tandems are also more aerodynamic than two single bikes. Because the backseat rider (stoker) sits directly behind the captain (or pilot) in the front seat, his wind resistance is eliminated.

Communication is the key to riding a tandem bicycle. The cyclist in the front seat, the captain or pilot, is in charge of steering and direction. The captain makes any judgment calls regarding maneuvering and should probably be the most skilled of the two riders. The stoker, or rear rider of the tandem, makes it all work by providing strength, endurance and trust. For partners on a bicycle vacation, riding tandem is a beautiful way to take care of each other and a wonderful way to say “I love you.”

image credit: wn.com