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5 Outstanding Hotels We Stay Around the World

At Sojourn, we are fortunate to stay in some outrageously beautiful places. These are properties offering unparalleled experience and luxury at the end of a rewarding day of discovery. From the Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian, Spain, and the Relais & Châteaux's Hameau Albert 1er in Chamonix, France, to the historic Prince of Wales in Waterton, Canada, or the La Casa del Zorro, these hotels are almost a re-imagination of perfection: the attention to details, the passion for service, and the signature unique offerings of each will certainly make each of them one of the highlights of your vacation. While we don’t like to play favorites, these five accommodations are extremely close to our hearts. Relais & Châteaux's Hameau Albert 1er, Chamonix, France

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Accommodations That You Can Feature on Your Bucket List

When vacationing to new destinations, where you stay is often as important as the location and the activities. As your home away from home for the week, accommodations should offer a place to rest your head at night, a comforting meal, as well as provide the opportunity to relax and unwind after a day spent exploring and discovering new surroundings. From boutique inns that exude Southern charm to cozy New England havens that put you in the midst of natural beauty, the premier properties featured on Sojourn tours have been meticulously selected to further immerse you in these beautiful locales. Below are just a few of the bucket list accommodations you’ll experience while on vacation with Sojourn.Korakia Pensione

Palm Springs’ Korakia Pensione is a romantically chic pensione with unique Mediterranean and Moroccan flare. Fire pits and heated pools offer the perfect end of day rejuvenation for tired legs. This iconic hotel also features antique, handmade furniture in every room and seeks to recreate the artistic ambiance of Palm Springs’ halcyon days.

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Ottawa, Montréal & Québec City: Culture & Cuisine

Canada lays only a short drive away from our office in Vermont and is a must visit for any world traveler. Canada is known for its melting pot of culture, from the English-speaking Ottawa to the Francophone nature of Quebec’s Montreal and Quebec City. Festive celebrations, elaborate art galleries, and distinctive cuisine can be found across the country, with each region having its own unique styles and tastes.

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Lobster Trading and Marine Life of Coastal Maine


Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are quintessentially Maine to their core! These coastal gems have some of the richest histories in the state and are blessed with an abundance of nature's bounty. Of course, one particular crustacean reigns above all; lobster. There is a reason that no matter where you go or how you cook it, lobsters will always be associated with the state of Maine. About half of the catch of cold-water lobsters in North America is hauled here, as Maine’s rocky coastline provides an ideal habitat for lobster to flourish. Mainers have been trapping lobster since the 1700s, and the patience and fortitude it requires has become woven into the state’s fabric for as long as anyone can remember.

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California’s Sonoma Wine Country and Coast: Hidden Highlights

 There is so much to love about northern California, from its bountiful vineyards, rich history, and Pacific coast, to the towering redwoods. This region is truly remarkable with something for everyone, from long rides through the endless scenery of the coast and forests, to enjoying some of the world’s finest wines at lush vineyards.

Sonoma, the birthplace of the California's wine industry and home to over 400 wineries, including the state’s oldest, Buena Vista winery, was actually established in 1857. The first grape vines in Sonoma were originally planted in 1812, and has since grown to 18 appellations and 66 different varieties to produce 6% of all of California’s wine. The annual haul of grapes is staggering, coming in at just over 250,000 tons a year! That’s enough for over 200 million bottles of wine!

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