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Sojourn Tales : Lowcountry’s Gullah Geechee Community

Low Country Boil, a staple of Gullah Geechee culture.

Though most scholars are not in agreement as to the origins of Gullah/Geechee, it is more or less established that the Geechee and Gullah community traces its roots to West & Central Africa and originally worked on the plantations in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. They have since settled in Lowcountry, a 200-mile stretch of coastal South Carolina and Georgia. While Gullahs are more within South Carolina, Geechees are folks who chose coastal Georgia stretching into parts of Florida. Regardless of location, the community as a whole is more commonly referred to as Geechee.

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Staying in Shape This Winter

While we are all still recovering from our Thanksgiving feasts, the holidays are always a reminder of how quickly winter is approaching. Eggnog, fires, and even more special days are on the horizon, and while we cannot wait for the pleasures winter brings, the challenges of staying in peak shape during the darker months is ever present. To help you achieve your goals for the warmer months ahead, we thought we would share our top tips from our leaders to help you stay in riding shape over the winter months.

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Along the Wine Path with Sojourn

It’s almost imperative that holiday dishes be paired with the right wine. As we travel through some of the finest vineyards and wine regions of US & Canada, you get to taste a few of  the best in the world!

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From the Desk of Bibi Mukherjee: When the Road Tips Up

Posted In: Active Vacations

Ever since we met 27 years ago, Raja and I have adventured across the globe on many active vacations and cycling trips. It’s a delight to discover new destinations, engage with local cultures, taste exotic cuisines and explore sites we only could dream of visiting as children.

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Top 5 Reasons to Travel with a Group in 2018

Posted In: Group Tours

Dreaming of a unique and memorable vacation with your closest friends? Perhaps a special anniversary or birthday celebration, or enriching family reunion? How about an exciting company retreat or team-building experience? Group bike tours afford the perfect opportunity to take a break from hectic schedules and reconnect with those you care about on a level not possible at home or within the walls of your work-space. Exploring new regions, conquering challenging rides together, and discovering new perspectives develops stronger bonds with your acquaintances, friends, and family. Gathering a group of friends or family together to go on an active vacation can also be a hassle-free way to save money.

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