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Raja Mukherjee


Nicknames: Raj (The king in Hindi), Raje (only to his parents)

Hometown: Born in Kolkata, India but home is where the heart is : South Burlington, Vermont

Currently resides: South Burlington, Vermont

Education: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. First job out of college: TATA MOTORS, home of the Jaguars & the Range Rover and one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. (Not bad when it comes to working on Sojourn Vans)

Hobbies and interests: Anything to do with wine (wine steward? Maybe..), golfing (someday he would like to own a golf course that offers night golf so that he can play all day long), Cooking (the wife is happy and the lamb chops are to die for!) – an excellent innovator of fusion recipes.

Favorite rides: Many but top 2 would be the 18-mile quick pre-work loop from Hinesburg road, Irish Hill road and back via Route 7 through the towns of South Burlington, Shelburne, & Burlington in Vermont and the Cactus Loop in Saguaro National Park on Sojourn’s Arizona tour.

Current bikes: 2011 Trek 2.1

Dream Job: Owning a boutique restaurant that offers a lifestyle experience in Indian cuisine

Obsession: His 21-year-old daughter


Bio:  Raja grew up in India, went to school for Mechanical Engineering but spent most of his adult life outside the country traveling around the world before settling in the US. He & his wife are obsessive world travelers and have traveled across continents from the Himalayas (stuck in an avalanche with a 10 month old near the Siachen glacier and rescued by the Indian army) to Saudi Arabia and the middle east to the  deserts of Morocco, and the land of Uros  tribes in Lake Titicaca (Peru & Bolivia). Professionally, he led a national software technology company for more than a decade before making the decision to merge passion and profession through Sojourn acquisition.