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Exclusive benefits for frequent sojourn travelers

Sojourn offers one of the most generous frequent traveler programs in the industry. As our way of saying “thank you for traveling with us,” you will earn 5% of your trip cost towards future travel with Sojourn after only your first trip. Additionally, you will earn travel credits with every referral you make and cash bonus with every 3 referral that travels with us.


  • Automatic enrollment following your first Sojourn tour.
  • Earn savings of 5% of your trip cost towards future travel with Sojourn.
  • The last trip cost is based on your last trip’s net price paid.
  • For future bookings, your Sojourn past traveler discount will not expire.
  • Frequent Traveler saving cannot be combined with any other savings (unless you have traveled 5 times or more).
  • Receive specialty milestone trip gifts on every 5th tour.

NEW FOR 2018!


  • Refer a friend or family and earn $150 when they travel.
  • In addition to Referral Credits, earn $200 Cash Bonus when 3 referrals travel with us.
  • The cash bonus increases to $400 for 6 referrals and $800 for 9 referrals.
  • The bonus check will be cut on Dec 31st of every year.
  • Referral cash bonus amount resets every calendar year and cannot be carried forward.
  • Referral bonus can be combined with past traveler discount but not with any other savings.

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This was my fourth tour with Sojourn... I have come to expect the very best and Sojourn never disappoints!

Jeff Gair - Sojourn Guest