Ever since we met 27 years ago, Raja and I have adventured across the globe on many active vacations and cycling trips. It’s a delight to discover new destinations, engage with local cultures, taste exotic cuisines and explore sites we only could dream of visiting as children.

We truly enjoy each other’s company and love to be together always; except when the road tips up. To be perfectly honest, Raja is a much stronger rider than I am. I find myself hesitating to accept more challenging routes and occasionally seeking options to duck out of the ride as soon as the road gets rolling. Sadly, I have missed out on some of the best rides in the world only because they involved steep climbing on a bit of intense terrain.

For many years, I’ve been searching for a solution that would enable me to ride more miles and keep up with Raja. Interestingly, a portion of our guests who are equally passionate about biking and active travel in general, have echoed similar feelings.

Needless to say, of all 2018’s new offerings, I am personally thrilled about the addition of electric assist bikes (e-bikes) to Sojourn’s bicycle fleet. E-bikes are fantastic options for cyclists who like a little extra support up inclines or merely want to extend their mileage. They are also an excellent choice for couples with varying riding abilities like Raja and me. The power assistance provided by e-bikes helps serve as an equalizer that allows couples to enjoy more cycling together. Quiet, easy to operate, and fun, e-bikes are also surprisingly good for your health according to the New York Times.

We are deeply committed to the mission of providing our guests with the best possible cycling experience while on tour, and our hope is that the riding benefits e-bikes afford will enable you to enjoy more time together with that special someone, a close friend or even a dear family member. Moreover, you will never regret not being able to soak up this beautiful world that’s best seen from the saddle just because the road “tipped up”.

Currently, we are rolling out e-bike option on selected Trips but if you feel the need for an e-bike when you book other trips don’t hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions that you may have on these state-of-the-art bikes.

Here’s to tailwinds and happy riding!

Bibi Mukherjee
Vice President & Co-Owner