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Sojourn Bicycling & Active Vacations Sojourn Bicycling & Active Vacations
Sojourn Bicycle Tours and Active vacations are refereshingly different

Why Travel With Sojourn?

We’re refreshingly different. We offer incomparable bicycling and active vacations for those who prefer a more distinctive and intimate experience. You will find that Sojourn provides the finest trips available in the regions where we specialize.


The Sojourn Experience

When you join the ranks of the Sojourn family of travelers, you will benefit from unfailing attention to detail and tour leaders who are true masters of their craft – two of the most important keys to exceptional and carefree vacations.

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Custom & Private Tours

In addition to our regularly scheduled tours, Sojourn has extensive experience in crafting one-of-a-kind vacations. Choose an existing itinerary or enlist our tour specialists to create an extraordinary custom trip for your group.

Sojourn Bike Tours guest, Linda Ball
Linda Ball
Lewisburg, WV

You walk the walk! Your attention to detail is first rate. Stay small — that’s what brought me to you — and, my magical experience with you will bring me back!

A Typical Day
  • typical_day_1

    I roll over to light peeking through the curtains and the rich aroma of coffee brewing.

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  • typical_day_2

    We’re all eager to hear what’s in store for the day as our leaders arrive at breakfast.

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  • typical_day_3

    Time to start turning those pedals. Nice to have our tires already pumped and our waterbottles full.

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  • typical_day_4

    Stop to take my vest off as the combination of sunshine and activity heats me up.

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  • typical_day_5

    Another gal and I roll into a cute little town and decide to visit a small museum.

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  • typical_day_6

    Roll into lunch on a sprawling lawn along a pretty lake.

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  • typical_day_7

    Most of us are still lounging along the lakeshore soaking up the afternoon sun.

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  • typical_day_8

    One of the guides is offering to take everyone on a short hike to a waterfall – can’t pass that up!

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  • typical_day_9

    After a shower we grab our books and head for the terrace.

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  • typical_day_10

    Everyone arrives for dinner, chatty and enthusiastic about their day.

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  • typical_day_11

    Dinner is winding down and folks are heading outside to sit around the fireplace on the terrace.

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