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NICKNAMEJr. Ranger or JR.
AT SOJOURNTour Leader.
HOME ISSalt Lake City.
COLLEGE MAJORUrban Planning.
LOVES TOBike, travel, eat & meet new people.
HATES TOPass up a tasty dessert.
OBSESSES OVERTaking care of my wife and child.
A LAZY DAY ISLess than 50 miles :-)
OPINION: BEST RIDE EXPERIENCERiding up Mt. Rainier. The views of the snow capped mt. in the background are magnificent.
BEST FRIEND IS AGood listener.
WORLD'S GREATEST DESTINATIONMallorca and Iceland are two of my favorites.
GIVEN A CHOICE WILL ALWAYS TALK ABOUTFavorite places to travel or bike.
WHEN NOT AT SOJOURNRunning a small non-profit delivering bikes to West Africa.
MOSTLY WEARS HUES OFI'm color blind...
FAVORITE HANGOUTThe artisanal gelateria in walking distance from my house.
FINDS EXCUSES NOT TORide into a headwind for extended periods of time.