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NICKNAMERy, Cobra Kai.
AT SOJOURNDirector of Products.
COLLEGE MAJORCognitive Science.
LOVES TOSpend time with family - Lily (wife), Willow (4 year old) and Lincoln ( 1 year old), travel, cook, try new restaurants and beers, play basketball and golf, tinker with and fix things around the house.
HATES TODo yard work year-round thanks to a willow tree that... never... stops... dropping... leaves & branches!
OBSESSES OVERBreakfast burritos and gourmet slow cooker recipes.
A LAZY DAY ISOften spent in PJs playing games or reading to the kids, Netflix and chillin', and taking naps in a family heirloom recliner.
OPINION: BEST RIDE EXPERIENCETaking home a BMX racing trophy.
GIVEN A CHOICE WILL ALWAYS TALK ABOUTMarketing/sales, branding and design, technology, UFOs, food, breweries, and stories from working with professional athletes/video games.
WHEN NOT AT SOJOURNI'm entertaining the little ones, playing basketball and golf, taking advantage of the Green Mountain State's seasonal outdoor offerings, or pursuing passion projects in creative design, photography, and videography.
SOJOURN ISA vacation experience that people will cherish and remember for the rest of their lives.
MOSTLY WEARS HUES OFBlack and colors of my favorite sports teams (Redskins and Lakers).
FAVORITE HANGOUTBack porch during the summertime.
FINDS EXCUSES NOT TO"Deal" with spiders. Lily holds that crown in our household.