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HOME ISBondville, Vermont.
COLLEGE MAJORUnited States Coast Guard, Stationed on a ship out of Kodiak, Alaska.
LOVES TOSpend all day on the bike and to ride with friends and my family
HATES TOSit still!
OBSESSES OVERBike fit and a perfectly tuned bike. I think I obsess over whatever it is I am doing at the moment.
ON A LAZY DAYThere's no such thing as a lazy day to me.
BEST RIDEThis one is tough. I could say that yesterday was my favorite ride, or the day before that, but I think it was that very first day that I taught myself to ride!
BEST FRIENDMy eight year old and my wife.
MOSTLY WEARSBike shorts, and in the winter, tights and my wool cap with the ear flaps
FINDS EXCUSES NOT TOGo to the city or spend more than an hour inside each day.