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AT SOJOURNGuest Services Manager.
HOME ISNorth Ferrisburgh, Vermont.
COLLEGE MAJORSpanish & Global Studies.
LOVES TOSpend time in the mountains, whether on foot, skis or bike
HATES TODrive on days I could have ridden my bike.
OBSESSES OVERAs a Virgo, essentially everything. (N+1 justifications, bread recipes, thorough task completion in general. I can’t watch half a movie.)
A LAZY DAY ISSpending time with my partner and our pooch, a delightful Boston Terrier.
OPINION: BEST RIDE EXPERIENCELeadville 100 and the entire culture, posse and preparations surrounding it.
BEST FRIEND IS ACup of coffee.
WORLD'S GREATEST DESTINATIONOn destinations, “Motivation will get you to the start-line. Total commitment will get you to the finish.” –Ken Chlouber. Spain is pretty great too.
GIVEN A CHOICE WILL ALWAYS TALK ABOUT“Why we ride.” Or why we travel. Everyone has a story. Travel and time on a bike is a way to add to that story and share it with others.
WHEN NOT AT SOJOURNEither on a bike, playing an assortment of instruments badly or getting creative in the kitchen.
SOJOURN ISExcellence. Not a leaf unturned. The home office strives to reflect the same attentiveness one could expect on tour.
MOSTLY WEARS HUES OFWhatever’s cleanest.
FAVORITE HANGOUTIf not the woods, a good café after or during a ride.
FINDS EXCUSES NOT TOMake multiple car trips.