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Britt Nielsen

Tour Leader

Nickname: Britt goes by Britt. It is not short for Brittney, but a Danish name following her Grandfather’s heritage.

Hometown: As a child, Britt lived in a couple towns in Vermont, both at the base of ski mountains.

Currently resides: In the moment

Education: B.A. in International Studies at the University of Vermont; MATESOL at St. Michael’s College

Hobbies and interests: skiing the woods of Vermont, west coast swing dance, travel

Favorite rides: Exploring Vermont trails and back roads, stopping to photograph, and take a dip in a cool mountain stream. On the Acadia tour, you may also see her break into a huge smile riding the up Cadillac Mountain.

Favorite Sojourn tours: Acadia National Park, Vermont Lake Champlain

Current Bikes: Surly Crosscheck, Kona Lisa Mountain Bike

Bio: A free spirit in the truest sense, Britt’s favorite adventures are created as she follows the flow. She feels most alive and at home outside exploring in nature whether biking, hiking, backcountry telemark skiing, camping, or photographing. Britt has nurtured her love of languages and cultures by living and working in several countries, and traveling to many more including Thailand, France, and Costa Rica. She taught ESL in the public schools for a dozen years before pursuing her own photography and coaching businesses. Britt led her first tours for Sojourn in 2008 and continues to enjoy helping guests experience the beauty and excitement of their special vacation.

What our guests say:

“Britt has the most pleasant demeanor, and she handles the group with incredible tact and skill. She is a huge asset to Sojourn. It was truly refreshing to spend a week with someone who loves what they do.” –Dianne; Martinez, CA

“Her many years of bike trip leadership shows in her professionalism and enthusiasm….yet she seems to be enjoying every minute of it.” –Margot; San Antonio, TX

“This was our second wonderful tour with Britt. We felt like we were back with family. Her attention to detail, caring personality, and leadership abilities make us want to take another tour with Britt. She is just fun to be around.” –Dianne; Easton, MD