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Bibi Mukherjee

Vice President and Co-Owner

Nicknames: Bibi, BM

Hometown: South Burlington, VT

Currently Resides: South Burlington, VT

Education: B.S in Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies and interests: Traveling. The wanderlust seems to be growing gracefully with age.  When not traveling, she can be found on the golf course or lounging by Lake Champlain.

Passionate about: Digital Marketing and Media. Founder and principal of Curve Trends, the first digital marketing agency in Vermont with a focus on travel. Considered to be a pioneer in digital media, she implemented one of the largest digital marketing conferences of the region for educating small and medium businesses.

Obsessions:  FamilyFine dining & discovering the next best route and country to travel.

BioBibi was raised in India, went to school for Mechanical engineering and moved out of the country following her dreams for marketing and travel. Once they decided to settle down in Vermont, she worked in active vacation industry for a while where she not only saw the industry up close but also implemented some successful marketing strategies. Around that time, digital media was coming to life and she being one of the early adopters of this platform, decided to take a giant leap. Curve Trends was the first digital agency of Vermont. Sojourn was a brand she was most passionate about amongst her clients. Curve Trends and Sojourn worked closely together for almost a decade prior to Bibi and Raja taking it over.
The family never took a back seat during these years. They believed in raising a child who not only went to school with books but also completed the full circle of education and grew up as a compassionate human being with both a head and a heart. In order to accomplish that, they traveled the world; meeting people, rediscovering cultures, exploring places. Today they are proud parents of a young woman who can think passionately, act logically and never excludes the rest of the world from her life.
Bibi & Raja are also proud owners of a company that believes in the same principle of people, passion, and places! At Sojourn, we follow our hearts and never isolate ourselves from the world.