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NICKNAMELouie or Kingdom.
AT SOJOURNLove to laugh with my colleagues.
HOME ISSouth Burlington (unless my husband says we are packing up and heading out).
COLLEGE MAJOREducation & Psychology.
LOVES TOCamp, fly fish, read, and be spontaneous.
HATES TOSee snakes in any form (they terrify me!)
OBSESSES OVERDetails to make it fun and safe whatever “it” is.
A LAZY DAY ISHanging on the back porch cooking on the grill with a tonic in my hand.
OPINION: BEST RIDE EXPERIENCEAny of the quiet roads of Vermont and the Adirondacks.
BEST FRIEND IS AHiker, a biker, fisherman, a skier, or just a kind person.
WORLD'S GREATEST DESTINATIONLooking forward to getting there .
GIVEN A CHOICE WILL ALWAYS TALK ABOUTWhatever comes up.. just love to listen and chat with people.
WHEN NOT AT SOJOURNEnjoying life to its fullest with family and friends.
SOJOURN ISA company with a history of providing great experiences.
MOSTLY WEARS HUES OFGreen, blue, red.
FAVORITE HANGOUTAny camp near a lake or stream.