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AT SOJOURNHappy helper and Tour Leader.
HOME ISWith family and friends in Underhill, Vermont.
COLLEGE MAJOREngineering, Masters in Business Admin, Middle School Teacher.
LOVES TOPlay outdoors year round, to travel the world, and to learn about new cultures and history.
HATES TOWaste precious daylight.
OBSESSES OVERThe great outdoors and the environment.
A LAZY DAY ISA relaxing breakfast with a friend.
OPINION: BEST RIDE EXPERIENCESolo bike-packing from the Sahara Desert over the Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh, Morocco.
BEST FRIEND IS ACompatible adventure seeking playmate.
WORLD'S GREATEST DESTINATIONReturning home to family and friends after adventure travels.
GIVEN A CHOICE WILL ALWAYS TALK ABOUTThe good things this world has to offer.
WHEN NOT AT SOJOURNOfficiating lacrosse, coaching Nordic skiing, tutoring, and teaching.
SOJOURN ISSharing the outdoors, and my biking and traveling passions with others.
FAVORITE HANGOUTAny place to share a cold beer with friends after an outdoor adventure.
FINDS EXCUSES NOT TOSit still for too long.