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I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. We just safely concluded our 2020 travel season. Since we restarted after the “Pandemic pause”, Sojourn has been going strong and staying safe, with no instance of Covid-19 on our trips, as each guest experienced a wonderful vacation, albeit under new normalcy with multiple safety protocols in place. Now more than ever is the time to take a measured first step and not a leap. We are eagerly looking forward to 2021, boosted by the much-anticipated vaccine news and its promises of distribution. We acknowledge that only you will decide whether it is in your best interest to travel during these times. However, should you choose to join us, we will welcome you and request your full cooperation regarding the measures implemented for everyone’s safety. A significant amount of health safety measures and trip modifications are currently in place and will continue into 2021 to ensure that your Sojourn experience remains intact and to keep you and our staff safe and healthy during the entire duration.

Here are the trip modifications and safety measures we are implementing to combat the chances of coronavirus spread on our trips. A detailed list of precautionary measures will be sent out to every guest traveling with Sojourn in 2021.

Our 2021 departures are ready to book, and we are here if you want to get started on your travel plans. No matter where you choose to go in 2021, you can now book with confidence since any new booking received after September 25, 2020, can now be canceled before May 15, 2021, or 90 days before the tour, whichever occurs earlier*. (*Conditions Apply).

 Please call us at 800-730-4771 or 802-425-4771, send an email, or just Book Online.

Given this crisis’s fast-evolving nature, please understand that we reserve the right to change these policies without prior notice in response to changes and directives from the government and health officials. I will be in touch and update this space as the situation evolves. Please see our Terms and Conditions page here.

Thank you for standing by us during one of the most challenging times this company and our entire community has ever experienced. Please stay safe, healthy, and pay attention to your health officials. I remain optimistic and hope to see you on one of our trips soon.

Sending my best!

Raja Mukherjee, President

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2021




Traveling or not is your personal choice. It is, however, our responsibility to keep you fully updated if and once you choose to travel with us. As a guest booked on our trip, we will keep you posted continuously via emails, on factors driving our decisions for trips in 2021. Also, a detailed list of precautionary measures we are implementing will be emailed to every guest traveling with Sojourn in 2021.


When we meet you for the first time on your trip, our leaders will be checking the temperature of each guest and asking a few screening questions. Please know that anyone with a temperature of 100.4 deg and above, unfortunately, will not be able to continue on the trip. The temperature check is now a part of our daily morning pre-tour procedure. We will also send you our recommended precautions for your travel to join our trip.


Sojourn has always been a boutique small group travel company. For the next few months, we are striving to keep our average group size small and use multiple vans wherever possible. Also, your choice to join any group activity outside of riding, including meals or social gatherings, will be completely optional. We plan on working around your preferences.


Sojourn works only with the best partners in the hospitality business. The hotels, restaurants, and  activity partners are working with us to make sure that the most up to date cleaning, sanitization, and social distancing protocols as per the CDC are being followed. We will also ensure that the standards are maintained on tour, as part of our pre-tour check in with the properties.


Sojourn office is currently on standby 24/7 for emergencies and will be available to offer support to guests and leaders alike. Please know that your trip leaders are trained in First Aid and CPR and are undergoing special training to provide support and maintain health, sanitization, and communication protocol as per CDC guidelines. They will also go through the same health checks as our guests before and during the tour.


We strongly recommend guests bring face-covering, whether they’re face masks or bandanas, especially for social (distanced) interactions and while riding the shuttle or the van. Our leaders will do the same. We have hand sanitizers available at all times. However, it is always  a good idea to bring a few travel packs of your own.


Depending on the group size, we plan on offering multiple vans this year to help reduce the maximum capacity and offer ample distancing options for every guest. When appropriate, we will add shuttles to provide flexibility for guests to start and end at different times.


Now more than ever, we are going to take our cleaning standards to a whole new level. All our bikes, equipment, and gears will receive a deep cleaning at the end of every single day of the tour. This includes sanitization as per CDC guidelines. Our leaders will also clean and disinfect every exposed surface of the vans at the end of each day, with special attention to high touchpoints.


Food and the camaraderie during meals have always been an integral part of a Sojourn experience. This year, there will be all of that, but with flexibility and options to dine as you wish. We are limiting table sizes and giving you the option to choose what makes you comfortable. Our leaders, known for presenting one of the best picnic lunches in the industry, are well trained in food handling safety. Now they are keeping additional CDC and WHO guidelines and training in mind while preparing food.


Our 2021 departures are ready to book, and we are here if you want to get started on your 2021 travel plans. Any new booking received after September 25, 2020, can now be cancelled before May 15, 2021 or 90 days before the tour, whichever occurs earlier. Please call us at 800-730-4771 or 802-425-4771, send an email, or just Book Online.

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