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Top 5 Reasons to Travel with a Group in 2018

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Dreaming of a unique and memorable vacation with your closest friends? Perhaps a special anniversary or birthday celebration, or enriching family reunion? How about an exciting company retreat or team-building experience? Group bike tours afford the perfect opportunity to take a break from hectic schedules and reconnect with those you care about on a level not possible at home or within the walls of your work-space. Exploring new regions, conquering challenging rides together, and discovering new perspectives develops stronger bonds with your acquaintances, friends, and family. Gathering a group of friends or family together to go on an active vacation can also be a hassle-free way to save money.

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California Bike Tours: Too Good to be True?

Cyclists who have traveled with Sojourn on their California Wine Country & Coast bike tour say it’s too good to be true.  But despite the endless out-of-this-world accolades, Sojourn’s bike tours in the Sonoma Wine Country are absolutely real.

They tour along real beautiful back road bike routes, visit real special California vineyards, lodge in real exclusive accommodations, and leave people real, real happy – so happy that their descriptions might seem a bit over the top.

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California Bike Tour Guest Journal – Day 3

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Today is the rest day (although of course there are advanced cycling options for the hard core) and I am happy! We slept in and then made our way to the hot tubs to work out yesterday’s ride over coffee. The views here at the Bodega Bay Resort take your breath away while the crashing waves of the ocean are the soundtrack to another beautiful morning here in Northern California. The weather is a bit rainy and overcast, cooler than we’ve had the past few days, which is actually quite nice.
We enter the Bodega Bay Resort Dining room for breakfast to find a roaring fire and a wall of panoramic windows overlooking the bird sanctuary and ocean. It is a place I could spend hours. The friendly staff served us an incredible breakfast of crab cakes Benedict and blueberry pancakes (guilt free since we biked 50 miles yesterday!) and we lingered awhile over coffee. Ah vacation!!!
Cy came in during our meal and offered to bring us to the opposite side of the bay for a walk along the headland. Walking on the headland path was one of the best experiences of my life. The path was no further than 8 feet from cliffs that plunged in to the Pacific. Birds and animals were all around us, and Luke even found a slug the size of a small child (at the least the slimy thing seemed that big!) As the path progressed along the shore, Cy spotted some spouts of water out at sea and before long we were being treated to a spectacular show by a family of grey whales. This was my first time seeing a whale and the majesty of that animal is something I will never forget. Walking this path was remarkable in every way.
After an afternoon of relaxing, dinner tonight was on our own. However we were all enjoying each other so much we made the decision to go out together. Even though it was our guide’s night off they happily volunteered to drive us all to a restaurant and then pick us up – now that is service. We are enjoying our new friends (which currently feel like family) and this bicycle tour so very much. Off to bed now, for it is another ride tomorrow!
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