Writing in from our bike tour in Arizona – Day Two!  As we meandered east today, I couldn’t help but think how grateful I was to revel in summer-like conditions during our ride: sunny and warm, not a cloud in the sky!  It was evident that our ‘packtrain’ of sorts developed an early bond as we all paused for refreshments at the surreal sight of the Airplane Graveyard. Decommissioned (retired) planes stretch as far as the eye can see and the sheer numbers make me wonder what these aircraft experienced in a past life.  Pushing on toward open desert excited me as our destination was one of those special places set aside solely for the “benefit and enjoyment of the people” – one of our nation’s amazing National Parks.

The loop around Saguaro National Park is extremely well-suited for bicycles whether you choose to ride casually and soak in the scenery or let it all out, swooping over the rolling terrain.  I’ve never witnessed such profuse numbers of statuesque cacti in one place in my life, and for good reason given the plants’ seriously limited ability to grow elsewhere. When we paused for lunch we were treated to a wonderful spread put on by our fearless leaders. I have no idea how they managed to find time to accomplish such an inviting array of foods amidst the events of the day – it was truly delicious!

While most of my fellow riders lingered to participate in a guided walk through the trails in the Park, I joined an ambitious few on a spirited bike ride back to the inn.  Following a welcome a dip in the pool, our “recovery” was boosted by a prickly pear margarita and a tasty dinner in the outdoor courtyard – fireplace and all.  Needless-to-say, the upcoming days present exciting potential!

Thanks for following along on our trip.