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My First Arizona Bike Tour – Travel Along With a Sojourn Staffer

Blogging from our bike tour in Arizona this week, Sojourn Tour Operations Coordinator, Tom Turro, shares his first hand experience on his first-ever bicycle tour. After a flight delay that landed him in Denver for many more hours than he’d care to remember, he shares the first in a series of blog posts from tour.

“Some of you may have heard me say that I’ve ‘jumped back two seasons’ in my journey to Tucson. It’s true, I’m thankful for the escape from the cold darkness of November in Vermont, and feel more like I’m basking in the warmth and sunshine of mid-summer. Having spent a season working as an interpretive coordinator at the Grand Canyon, I feel rejuvenated by the familiar landscape. Earlier today, I learned from our tour leaders that Saguaro cacti grow to be 40-60′ tall and can live for 150 years, making me feel like a visitor in a sacred place. As I soak in my surroundings, I imagine that the hardy stature of these graceful plants is reflected in my being.

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