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Why Sojourn Bicycle Tours Chose Aluminum Over Carbon

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We’re often asked what kind of bike Sojourn provide for use during our bicycle tours.  On occasion, someone will go a bit farther and ask why we use aluminum frame bikes with carbon forks rather than full carbon bikes. The answer for us is because aluminum, in our opinion, offers the best combination of peace of mind and performance.

Our aluminum frame bikes are lighter in weight than most carbon frame bikes and the carbon fork on our bikes dampens the transmission of bumps in the road. Carbon forks are constructed to be extremely durable and often weigh as much as an entire carbon frame. And, while there are some wonderful carbon frames on the market, we aren’t convinced that they are the right choice for a widely used fleet bike.  It can be difficult to detect damage to a carbon frame and a damaged frame is unsafe to ride.  When a aluminum frame is damaged, it is easily detected. We feel very comfortable handing our aluminum frame bikes to our guests because we know they are safe to ride.

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