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Meet the Fleet: Bike Tour Comfort

You’ve checked your calendar, you’ve seen some of Sojourn’s incredible bike tour locations, met some of our tour guides, learned how a bike tour can boost your health and even your love life, but something is missing: The unsung hero of Sojourn Bike Tours is your constant companion, the bike!

It’s high time to meet the fleet. Sojourn uses two great bikes on its tours: the Cannondale Synapse Road Bike and the Fuji Absolute Hybrid. Both bikes are well-loved, light weight, high quality, comfortable and responsive. Both feature lightweight aluminum frames with carbon forks (the fork holds the front wheel and allows the rider to steer and balance the bicycle). The aluminum frame gives the bike some stiffness, and thus greater energy efficiency (more of your effort is translated into forward momentum). The carbon forks permit a little bit of shock absorbency. Let’s take a closer look:

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Bike Tour Guide, Mark Weinberg Loves His Job!

Mark Weinberg is passionate:  about people, about cycling and about Canada – his homeland. You can just hear it in his voice. As a Sojourn bike tour guide, he satisfies all three passions as he introduces Sojourn travelers to some of his favorite places.

Mark knows the landscape, history and culture of eastern Canada like the back of his hand. Born, raised, and still residing in Montreal, Mark is a self-appointed goodwill ambassador for his country, province and beloved city. A bilingual Anglophone in a predominantly French-speaking province, Mark empathizes with and seeks out confused American tourists in his home town.

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Bike Tours Boost Libido

There is no doubt that bike tours make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts. They’re much better for your figure than a box of chocolates; they’re more nourishing than a candlelit dinner; and memories from them last far longer than a dozen long-stem roses. Bike tours are good for your heart and soul. And the titillating truth this Valentine’s Day is:  bike tours are good for your libido, too!

The direct correlation between regular physical exercise and increased potency is undisputed by medical science and happy lovers alike.  Livestrong.com sites several university studies on libido and exercise. A study done at the University of Texas shows that women who had finished 20 minutes of cardio exercise were more readily aroused than women who had not exercised. Another study at the University of California showed that men who exercised for one hour at least three times per week had sex more often, performed better sexually and were happier with their sex lives than they were before they began exercising.

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A Bicycle Built for Two: Valentine’s Tours

Tandems are the bicycle of choice for sweethearts – what could be more romantic? “I’m half crazy all for the love of you…on a bicycle built for two.”  And, a bike tour is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart.  Sojourn will begin offering tandems on select vacations this season.

Which bike tour getaway should you choose for your beloved?  The Sojourn Sonoma Wine Coast bike tours are incredibly romantic: wine tastings, gourmet food, exquisite lodgings.

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