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California Bike Tour: Alexander Valley

A trip through the Alexander Valley is essential to any bike tours in Sonoma Wine Country. Likewise homage paid to Cyrus Alexander and the Robert Young Estate Winery (pictured here during the harvest in 1912) is essential to tours of the history of the Alexander Valley, the most fully planted wine region in famed Sonoma County.

The Alexander Valley is named for Cyrus Alexander, a swashbuckling pioneer and industrious innovator. An orchardist, tanner, trapper and miller, Cyrus Alexander landed in the Valley during a scouting exhibition for a cattle ranch in 1841. He planted his first grapes shortly thereafter.

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CA Bike Tour: Chapter 2 Dry Creek Valley

No wine county bike tour is complete without spinning through California’s Dry Creek Valley. Bicycling Magazine ranks this part of Sonoma County among its top ‘must ride’ biking vacation spots in the world. The terrain is diverse and beautiful and “…there’s a wine tasting, it seems, on every mile.

Viticulture and wine making in this part of Sonoma wine country date back to the early European settlement of the Dry Creek Valley in the 1850’s. The dream that started with Gold Rush fever, mellowed and aged to perfection in a glass of dreamy Zinfandel.

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CA Bike Tour: Russian River Valley

Take one of Sojourn’s California Sonoma Wine Coast Bike Tours, and you’ll get time to reflect on the aroma and finish of your favorite wines as you pedal through California’s sumptuous wine valleys.

Imagine a seductive Pinot Noir. What comes to mind? If you are a wine connoisseur in the U.S., you’ll probably think of California’s Russian River Valley.

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Texas Wildflowers: Bike Tour Through Paradise

Posted In: Texas Bike Tours

On Sojourn’s Texas Hill Country bike tours, you may find that the Yellow Rose of Texas is actually a Bluebonnet or a Square-Bud Primrose. While the song ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’ has historic significance (the song is based on a Texas legend about a seduction that facilitated the 1836 Texan victory in the Battle of San Jacinto), the flower itself was first cultivated between 8th and 9th Avenues on 32nd Street, in New York City in the 1830’s.

Texas wildflowers, by contrast, are wilder and perhaps more fleeting. Wildflowers are a subtle part of the magic that is the Texas Hill Country.  Wildflower Haven, an organization dedicated to hunting Texas wildflowers, assures us that there will be wildflowers blooming along Sojourn’s bike routes in Texas this year!

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