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Monthly Archives: December 2011

New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy in Arizona

The first trips of the year are our Arizona bicycle tours. Our leaders love these trips and vie to guide them – guests love them, too for escaping the cold and more. A look at the all-time top New Year’s resolutions will give you even more reasons why an Arizona bike tour should be on your resolution list!

As it turns out many of us share the same handful of New Year’s resolutions every year. We make and break these resolutions over and over again.

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Sojourn Bike Tour’s Favorite Hill: Kurt Hill

Tour guide, Kurt Hill, is easily Sojourn’s favorite hill. He took some time today for a short interview about guiding bike tours in Arizona.  Kurt guides bike tours for Sojourn in Oregon, California, and Texas, and Arizona.

When asked what he likes most about Arizona he said “I just love the desert – it’s so different than what most people are used to.” He cited the two biggest reasons guests choose this trip: they want to escape the cold, and they are drawn by the magic of the Sonoran Desert. “I love being there, especially in the early mornings. There is such peace and tranquility.”

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The Arts by Bicycle: Tubac, AZ

You might imagine that you’d have to limit your memento purchases on a bicycling vacation, but what vacation is complete without souvenirs?

Sojourn’s Arizona bike tours wind through some amazing wilderness areas like the Saguaro National Park and Sabino Canyon, where bicyclists adhere to the Leave No Trace practice of “Take only photographs, leave only footprints” ( in the case of these bike tours, that would be tire tracks), but these trips also enjoy a visit to Tubac.

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California Bike Tours: Too Good to be True?

Cyclists who have traveled with Sojourn on their California Wine Country & Coast bike tour say it’s too good to be true.  But despite the endless out-of-this-world accolades, Sojourn’s bike tours in the Sonoma Wine Country are absolutely real.

They tour along real beautiful back road bike routes, visit real special California vineyards, lodge in real exclusive accommodations, and leave people real, real happy – so happy that their descriptions might seem a bit over the top.

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