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Top Chef Texas Sojourn…You can too Sojourn Bicycle Tours

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Old school Texas cuisine…

Sojourn bike tours are famous for great routes and good food. In fact some of our bike tours pass through some of the finest ‘foodie’ regions in the country (Sonoma Wine Country, Niagara Wine Country and Vermont among them). For us, Texas has always been on the list of great foodie states; we’re glad that Top Chef finally agrees.

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Which is better for your body? A bike tour or a walking tour?

Here at Sojourn, we bike. So if asked which is better for the body – bicycle tours or walking tours? You can pretty must guess what our answer might be.

Both are excellent cardiovascular activities, both are great ways to see countryside. According to the Mayo Clinic, both types of exercises burn nearly an identical number of calories: a 160-lb. person biking at a leisurely pace of 10 mph or less can burn 292 calories; the same person walking at 3.5 mph would burn 277 calories per hour.

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How to prepare for your Arizona Bike Tour

Once you’ve made that exciting decision to take an Arizona bike tour with Sojourn, you may be wondering how  to prepare for it.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll assume that since you are the type of person who would even consider a bicycling vacation, you have a certain level of fitness and a certain love of adventure, but there are some things you can do to get ready to go. Let’s look at the two most important things you need to prepare: your body and your mind.

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Sojourn Bicyclists First to Cross New Lake Champlain Bridge!

Sojourn staff took a little bike tour of their own today and were the first cyclists to cross the new Lake Champlain Bridge.  It’s difficult to put into words the feeling of riding several abreast across the huge new span but it’s not something any of us will soon forget.

Sojourn staff atop new Lake Champlain Bridge!

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Arizona Bike Tour through the Desert and through history

Sojourn’s Arizona bicycle tour is an excellent way to get away from it all and get into the sunshine. It is also an excellent way to get into the history of the Southwest. From prehistory all the way to the 1920s, you’ll ride through some of the region’s most intriguing past.

This bike tour begins and ends in Tucson and follows some of the oldest travel routes in this part of the world. Some of the agricultural settlements along Tucson’s Santa Cruz River date back from 1,000 BCE. And the advanced civilizations of the Hohokam date back to between 200 and 1450 CE. An ancient culture of farmers, potters, and weavers, the Hohokam built hundreds of miles of canals throughout the Tucson Basin to irrigate their agricultural fields. Many of the modern canals in the region follow the grid laid out by the Hohokam.

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